Remember, every piece of information, no matter how small, can be the key to unveiling the truth and bringing perpetrators and criminal enterprises, gangs, and

How to Submit a Tip

Your information is invaluable, and we've ensured multiple secure channels for you to reach out to us. Each method offers varying levels of protection, so choose the one that best suits your comfort and situation.


is a free and open-source messaging app offering end-to-end encryption for messages, photos, videos, and calls. Messages can be set to self-destruct after a set time, ensuring added security. Contact us on Signal: +34 664 041 716


This free messaging app from Facebook offers full end-to-end encryption. Only the sender and recipient can access the content of the messages. Reach out via WhatsApp: +34 664 041 716

Encrypted Email (PGP)

Send us encrypted emails using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption software. Mailvelope, a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, simplifies the process. Note that while the content of the email is encrypted, metadata like sender, recipient, and timestamps remain visible to your email provider. PGP Fingerprint: 84B03EDA55CD46C0FF4A00BA6F71C68CE584CFC5 Email us at:

Postal Service

For those who prefer traditional methods, you can send printed documents or electronic files on portable storage devices directly to our addresses. We recommend using a public mailbox for added anonymity.

FrontPage News Media

C. Tostón, 229640, Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain


is an encrypted submission system that uses the Tor anonymity software to protect your identity, location, and the information you send us. We recommend sending tips using a public Wi-Fi network and ensuring your computer is free of malware. [Link to SecureDrop instructions and portal]

We want to be clear that no piece of software or security recommendation will be 100%effective, and the decision to blow the whistle may invite scrutiny or retaliation. We treat everytip with the utmost seriousness and discretion, ensuring the safety of our sources at all times. This guide describes basic steps for minimizing potential risk when sharing sensitive information with FrontPage Guardian.

Before reaching out to us, think carefully about what you can do to minimize that risk and stay as safe as possible.

Before moving ahead, do you have a strong tip?

A good tip requires clear evidence and should be the basis for a story that the broader public needs to know about.

Allegations of corruption or illegality among public officials, organized crime, and crimes against minors or children are certainly newsworthy, but those claims will not make it into a published story without verifiable evidence.

If you prefer to use a secure method that keeps your identity hidden from us, you can use our SecureDrop system. SecureDrop is the world standard for sending documents anonymously. When you interact with SecureDrop, we don’t have access to information that may personally identify you. The onion network (Tor) will conceal everything, from your IP address to your physical location. SecureDrop allows us to communicate with you without knowing who you are.