Global Collaborations

We actively collaborate with law enforcement agencies worldwide, ensuring that our investigations align with legal standards and contribute to tangible actions against perpetrators.

Partnerships with Dedicated Organizations

Our network extends to numerous organizations dedicated to combating crimes against children and organized crime. These collaborations amplify our impact and broaden our reach

A Bold, New Approach

While many focus on the supply side of child trafficking, we've chosen to address the demand. By targeting buyers and predators for prosecution, we aim to dismantle the very foundation of this heinous trade.

Proven Track Record

Our stories and investigations have not only unveiled hidden truths but have also catalyzed legal actions, leading to the prosecution and conviction of offenders.

Expert Operative Teams

Our Special Operative Teams, skilled veterans from the War on Terror, now wage a new war against child predators. Their expertise ensures that we gather irrefutable evidence, leading to convictions

Addressing the Conviction Gap

Despite the gravity of child sex trafficking, convictions in the EU and the U.S. have been shockingly low. We're here to change that narrative by providing law enforcement with the evidence they need to bring predators to justice.


Our mission is threefold: Educate the masses, Activate change, and Raise Funds. Every dollar we raise is channeled towards sending operatives into the field, with the singular goal of ending child sexual slavery in our lifetime.

Transparency and Integrity

Our operations are an open book. We maintain complete transparency in our actions, collaborations, and funding, ensuring that our supporters and partners always know where they stand with us.

Your Trust Fuels Our Mission

At FrontPage Guardian, your trust isn't just appreciated; it's sacred. As we forge ahead, we pledge to remain unwavering in our commitment, ensuring that every child is safe and every predator faces justice.